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Au Romain - Drunk Eight

Go for the Au Romain 'Queen Stage' and brave 137 kilometres and 2600 altimeters. Or do you prefer to split the route? The choice is yours. In the northern part you climb La Redoute, among others, in the southern part you climb Col de Haussire.

Full  136km  2600hm ​ gpx

Part 1  63km  1300hm      gpx

Part 2  73km  1300 hm  ​ gpx

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Crossing mountains, one pedal at a time

Au Romain Triple Loop

Three loops starting from our hotel provide a total of 76 kilometres & 1700 altimeters of cycling fun.

Full  76km   1700hm  gpx

Part 1 ​  21.5km  500hm  gpx

Part 2 ​  28.5km  600hm ​ gpx​​

Part 3 ​  26km  500hm gpx 

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